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Site update, Stray Lines project

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Stray Lines cover

If you’ve visited this site in the last few weeks, you may have noticed that after a long period of inactivity we’ve given the place a bit of a sprucing up. Part of the reason for the inactivity is that we’re beavering away on several projects that have taken us away from doing many artists book related fairs and events the last year or two. One of these projects, though, is Cardboard Press’s first large scale anthology book and collaboration with other artists: Stray Lines.

You can read plenty about the book on the Stray Lines page here. But suffice to say we’re very excited to be involved in the project. Its a much larger undertaking in terms of scale and production than anything before and to help with that we launched a fundit campaign, which is being received very well, any help in terms of pledges or promotion are welcome. Email us at

Keep an eye on this blog for further updates on the project and an official release date for the book. We’ll be dropping tidbits of information over the coming days and weeks.


2009 Update – The earth is a bit like this blue dot

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The Earth is a bit like this Blue Dot. A book of general musings about human evolution and the problems associated with consciousness.

Really though, its just some black and white line drawings and some blue dots stapled together. It comes in a handy size of about 14 x 14 cm.


Brains or cockroaches – who would win in a doomsday scenario?


“I’d like to thank my brain” for all human success and suffering